With Hurricane Season upon us it is always good to have your plan of action and checklist in place!


With Hurricane Season upon us it is always good to have your plan of action and checklist in place!   Hurricane Season is not all about Hurricane Parties and being prepared is key.  Here are a few pointers to get you started. 

Know your Evacuation Route

Emergency Supplies

  • Don't wait for the last minute to get these supplies!  Most of these items you can get and store well in advance!
  • We recommend having a tote that you can store with Hurricane Supplies such as flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, medications and copies of your critical paperwork.  Adding ziploc baggies, canned food, etc so it is ready in case a storm comes near.  You will already have important supplies ready to go.


Around the home, getting prepared 

  • Remove anything around your yard that can become a flying projectile.  This includes those lawn chairs, garbage cans, recycling bins, etc.  Bring those inside the garage.

If you are staying home

  • Be prepared to lose your power.  Having an emergency radio and flashlight along with games to keep you occupied through the storm and possibly a couple days afterwards is always good to have.  
  • Make sure you have an emergency communication plan set up for your family. 
  • Don't forget to charge up those cell phones and those extra battery packs and have 3 days food & water supply for family and pet members.  (Don't forget to have your manual can opener ready). 
  • Be sure to know where your nearest Shelter is for your area in case the Storm becomes too much. 
  • Use your ziploc baggies and tupperware and fill them with water and put them in your freezer.  This will give you additional water if needed as well as help keep those refrigerated items colder for a little longer. 
  • Turn your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting once you know a storm is coming and keep the doors closed as much as possible so that food will last longer if the power goes out.
  • Fill up your cars gas tank along with additional gas if you can.  This will help avoid those long lines just before or after the storms as well as help with your generator if you have one.
  • Get extra cash... when the power goes out so does the ability to get cash from ATM's or pay for anything via credit card.


  • Talk to your Sellers of vacant properties for them to be prepared to protect their properties.
  • Plan on picking up your yard signs, riders, directionals, etc.
  • Homeowners Insurance companies will STOP binding coverage once storms are in the "box" if you have a closing coming in the next week please make sure they have insurance or else you may have to delay closing until coverage is available. READ the contract...there is language that has automatic extensions Under 5B, and Standard G...basically has an automatic extension from when Force Majeure begins (hurricane, flood, natural disaster, no availabilty of insurance, etc.) for 7 days to allow for insurance and services to be open.
  • Closings - Make sure you advise your Sellers to keep insurance in place
  • Don't wait until the last minute for escrow checks/wires, etc There can be interruptions in service from banks as well.




Hurricane Hacks & Tips

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